Evoke a Sense of Elegance with Fine Stone Structures and Statues Serviced by Fantastic Stonemasons in Ayrshire


    There’s something about old stone structures which speaks to something deep within us all. For as ephemeral as the modern world can feel, we still have a sense of stone being something lasting. Stadiums and skyscrapers come and go – but the Pyramids, the Coliseum, some of the great Buddhist temples—these have all been with us for millennia, and will continue on long after we return to dust ourselves.

    Having a fine work of stone can lend your home or place of business an elegant sense of the eternal. Whether you’re looking to repair a stone statue or edifice or add one to your space, the experts in stonemasonry in Ayrshire are an invaluable resource.

    Different Types of Stone

    While those outside the industry may think that stonemasons simply work with “stone,” the fact is that that five-letter word can mean quite a few different things. There are many different types of stone with which stonemasons work, each of which can evoke a different mood or meaning. Among the most popular types of stone they use are as follows:

    • Locharbriggs, which is a type of reddish-pink sandstone which can be great for creating a warm yet understated look
    • Lazonby, a type of sandstone which can sparkle brilliantly in sunlight due to quartz embedded in its composition
    • Red St. Bees, which is a type of deep red sandstone taken directly from the cliffs of St. Bees in Whitehaven
    • Stanton Moor, which is a more moderate type of sandstone, both fine and sturdy, with golden-pink hues
    • Halldale, which is coarser than many of the others listed above, and features a grainy, brown, more natural look

    Refurbishing Old Works

    In the same way that you would naturally want every precaution taken when restoring a classic painting, so too should you want care exercised when repairing or refurbishing old stone statues or edifices. The finest masters of stonemasonry understand this, and will apply a master craftsman’s touch to every statue and edifice on which they work.

    Create something beautiful in your front lawn or garden with the help of Ayrshire’s best stonemasons.