Everything You Need to Know About a Routine Air Conditioner Service


The air conditioner is a very common home appliance that is used in every part of the world. During the summer months, people generally turn their air conditioners on in order to regulate the temperature at home. As the name suggests, the air conditioner filters the air inside the room and cools it down. Air conditioners come in many shapes and sizes. Older generations of air conditioners used to be bigger and bulkier and were not as efficient. Today, you have a range of options available to choose from such as a split air conditioner, a window air conditioner, and a tower air conditioner.

However, regardless of the shape and size of your air conditioner, you will need to get it serviced from time to time if you want to prolong its life and use with minimal hassle. The air conditioner, just as any other appliance in the house, will need to be cleaned and serviced regularly. Because it “conditions” the air, there’s a very strong chance of dust accumulation within the filters. You can’t clean the internal pipes and the filters all by yourself. Instead, there are many HVAC companies that offer a complete air conditioning service in Hampshire to homeowners. Here are a few things that you should know about a regular air conditioner service.

What it Covers

The service involves cleaning out all of the parts of the air conditioner and then replacing and cleaning the filters as well. If you have a split air conditioner, you might have noticed that the indoor unit has a front panel that is usually hinged and can be lifted up. When you lift it up, you will notice a couple of filters made of wire mesh that are installed there. The company will remove the filters and wash them out for you to maintain maximum efficiency.

Apart from cleaning the indoor unit, the company will also check the gas levels on the outer unit and clean out the top unit as well. Because it is kept out in the open, the top unit is constantly exposed to a variety of environmental elements that can significantly reduce its lifespan if you don’t get regular maintenance work done.

Is Servicing Really That Important?

Regular servicing is essential if you want to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. If you don’t get servicing done at least once a year, especially before the temperatures begin to rise during the summer months, there’s a very high chance that something will go wrong. Air conditioners are susceptible to a range of different issues such as gas leaks, damaged electrical circuits, and a lot more. Spending a small amount on a regular service could save you from a potentially major outlay on getting the damage repaired. Thus, it’s easy to say that servicing is vital to keeping your air conditioner running smoothly. These are a few important things that you should know about maintaining your air conditioner.