Enjoy Your Pool Year-Round with a Pool Heater


The temperatures in this part of the world get very high, and it is hot or warm most of the year. To cool off, many people have their own swimming pools so that they can enjoy the outdoors without sweating too much. Swimming pools are life-savers, but what happens when it does get a little cool outside and you still want to enjoy your pool? Can you swim outdoors during those months when the temperatures are not quite as high? If you have a heater for your pool, the answer is a definite ‘yes.’

pool heater

Pool Heaters Offer Comfort and Convenience

Heaters for swimming pools are simple to install, simple to operate and very reliable. Companies that make pool heaters offer a variety of styles and types, as well as different price ranges. Swimming pool heaters are available for both residential and commercial use, and offer features that include:

  • Water temperature range of 8° C to 38° C
  • A galvanised steel cabinet that is powder-coated
  • An efficient refrigerant ingredient
  • Defrost systems that use reverse cycles and Thermotec® elements

Many people prefer the electric heating systems over the gas ones because they tend to be less expensive to use. All heaters use low power and efficient heating methods, and they work well enough to keep the condenser free of ice for quite some time. Even if they run on a regular, 24/7 basis, the cost to run an electric pool heater is much lower than many people realise. In fact, these days there are companies that manufacture pool heating systems that save money over regular heating systems, and they are improving these systems more every day.

Pool Heaters Offer

Advantages of Having a Pool Heating System

Pool heating systems are high in quality and low in price, and offer advantages that include:

  • Systems that are custom-made, ensuring that they will fit your particular swimming pool
  • Refrigerants that are ISO 9001 certified and so are more sustainable and ‘green’ than other refrigerants
  • Proven savings over other systems on the market, saving up to 600% more in electricity costs
  • Comprehensive warranties that usually last up to 15 years
  • Top-notch customer service departments that allow you to contact them on the rare occasion when you have a problem with the system

Pool Heating System

Companies that sell pool heating systems usually have a comprehensive list of products for all your pool heating and cooling needs. This includes items such as a variety of commercial and domestic space and water heating products that offer the ultimate in comfort and operational success in the home or workplace. Whether you need a pool heater for your home swimming pool or products for commercial or industrial hot water heaters, these companies provide a variety of products to fit everyone’s needs.

In addition, most companies that make this type of product are continuously improving their systems, making them more efficient, more cost effective and more friendly towards the environment. They usually have well-maintained websites that enable you to get the information you need on their products, and they have a simple way to contact them should you have any questions. They make it easy to get the information you need to make an informed decision

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