Dealing With Water Damage? Here are Some DIY Tips to Save Money


If you have ever had a part of your home flooded say your basement then you would know how unpleasant and costly it is to have it fixed. One of the causes of flooding is storm. And it gets really bad when you realize that much of the damage caused by the flood is not covered by insurance. And it can be disappointing when a homeowner realizes that the insurance coverage purchased is only a fraction of the actual cost it takes to return the home back to normalcy. . If all you are looking for is a professional flood damage restoration company to help fix the damages caused by flood, then look no further than Lemarg.

Most times after a flood, homeowners are left in a state of confusion on how best to fix the problems caused by flooding. Here are some ways you can go about it and also reduce the risk of such incident occurring in the future.

Think Safety First

There are some things to do to help restore your home back to normalcy. Ensure you clear up the mess; eliminate moulds and bacteria in the affected area as their presence can be dangerous health-wise. You might want to consider wearing protective gears like masks, gloves, footwear and so much more.

Move out Damaged items

Take out those damaged items from the area. This can be a dirty work to do, especially when removing water logged and damaged personal items. Maybe a water mitigation professional can help out but this would add up to your cost. To save money you should try to do as many as you can by yourself wearing a pair of rubber gloves and a footwear with a thick rubber soul.

Remove and dry out water from your basement.

Sometimes the water found in the flooded basement could be too large for you to handle you will need the services of a flood damage restoration company to help fix the issue. However, if the quantity of flood is small enough to handle yourself, clean it up using a shop vacuum or two. This procedure can be a bit stressful in the end you tend to save more money.

Clean and disinfect

After removing damaged items such as porous building materials, carpets, puddings etc clean up the whole area, the walls and floor with warm water and a disinfectant. You can disinfect a second time to be sure. Take proper care to ensure you use the right disinfectant as it is a common practice to use bleach solution for disinfecting but it is advisable to use a good quality l product to disinfect. Ensure you have your protective gear on.


Demolition at this point can serve as a money saver, saving the trouble of an unintended reconstruction and remodelling. Demolition work requires the professionalism and proficiency of professional flood damage Restorage Company.