Custom-Made Fitted Furniture Could be the Way to Go


Remodeling is expensive and time consuming. You could have your home torn up for months while waiting on those dream kitchen cabinets or a new bedroom wardrobe. Before accepting a set of plans for updating your house, consider another option.

Custom-made fitted furniture is made off-site and brought into your home. There is very little mess and the entire job is completed in less than a day. Measurements for your specific design are made and your space is weaved into a style that fits perfectly with your existing decor. The same obstacles that you feel require a tear-out construction job, can often be incorporated with bespoke furniture created by a carpenter away from your home, for example – custom fitted furniture in Market Harborough by Eastwood’s Carpentry.


Problem Areas with Custom Fits

Lofts, radiators, and walk-in closets are a few of the problem areas that talented designers can create into artistic, well-lain out displays of proportionate beauty. Perhaps an audio visual unit could bring a sophisticated look to your family room, taking care of the hodgepodge of wires and speakers that are now exposed.

How Expensive is Custom-Made Furniture?

Custom-made furniture is not cheap, but then, neither is remodeling a room. There can be a range from £100 to £4500, depending on the wood, size of space, uniqueness, and the finish that you select. All in all, the finished project runs considerably less than what a construction job would cost. One example would be placing custom-made fitted cabinets in a living room. In working with the customer, choices between open shelves, cabinet fronts, or overall length can be changed ahead of time, depending on your budget.

Errors and Back Orders

Many customers are swayed to bespoke furniture because of the amount of stress that is saved. For instance, a carpenter may make an error in cutting an opening for a door. Because the material was special ordered, you are left with a mess in your home while waiting on back ordered materials. With custom-fitted furniture, the same mistake could occur, but you are saved the inconvenience of a dismantled room for weeks.

Custom-made fitted furniture is becoming a popular way to update a home, provide extra space, and be able to function in your everyday ritual, comfortably. Some companies have computer-based programs that can show you exactly how your new room will appear and how any problem areas can be resolved. As a result, the customer feels more in control and knows exactly what they are paying for.