Choosing a Driveway Finish: Making a Buying Decision


If you are thinking about changing the appearance of your driveway, you need to first review the various types of concrete to see which look fits with your property. Concrete is offered in various finishes today, so it is important to review the types to see which you prefer.

For instance, exposed aggregate is one of the most popular concrete finishes. Homeowners like the finish as it is a quality concrete that displays a contemporary appearance. There are prices for basic, standard, and premium designs.

Coloured Concrete

Besides aggregate finishes, you can also choose plain concrete, pave cut, stencilled, and slate impression concrete styles. Concrete is also available in a variety of colours. This kind of concrete, which is exceptionally durable, is made of a mix of coloured oxide and concrete. The oxide is added just before the concrete is laid. That way, you can rest assured that the driveway will exhibit a rich and even hue throughout. If you wish to set the colour deeper, then it is a good idea to include colour sealing as well.

Some of the Hues

Some of the hues you can choose in coloured concrete include such inviting shades and tones as Brazil nut, Sahara, chocolate, sandstone, sandy beige, coffee, forest floor, white, chestnut, brick red, latte, and burgundy. You may also want to add black, charcoal, pearl lustre, bluestone, or French grey. Some homeowners are partial to light or dark terracotta.

Therefore, you can have one of the concrete driveways in Glen Waverley that the locals admire. In addition to having a new concrete driveway installed, you can also take advantage of even wider services such as landscape design that includes the construction of decks, retaining walls, pergolas, and al fresco areas, all requiring concrete foundations or paving.

Plain Concrete

When it comes to concrete selection, you will find that plain concrete offers an inexpensive option for any homeowner who wishes to rejuvenate his or her outdoor area or drive. The concrete is finished with a stipple to create a finish that is slightly textured in effect.

A Stenciled and Slate Impression

A stenciled and slate impression concrete design is completed by stamping slate-textured mats into the mixed concrete. This is a low-maintenance and low-cost alternative to using slate tiles.

Pave Cut Concrete: An Affordable and Impressive Look

Pave cut concrete conveys a very popular look as it resembles a slate and paver appearance. To obtain this type of impressive look, a plain or coloured concrete is used. The concrete is then cut with a diamond saw, which results in the paved design. This type of driveway is the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to achieve a paver look at an affordable cost.

Other Concrete Services

If you have concrete foundations to add as well, then you can have your driveway installed and the foundations poured at the same time. Choose a driveway contractor who can assist you in paving your driveway as well as advise you on other concrete design projects, including obtaining the necessary permits to finish foundation work.