Cellar Conversions Notably Increase UK Property Values

Whether you add a cellar to a new-build or plan a refurbishment, this type of addition is a smart way to optimise space in your home. Needless to say, a basement or cellar is well-received, as it not only maximises the space in your home, it also frees up the space outside – space that can be used for a garden, deck, or patio.

Why Adding or Refurbishing a Basement Is a Positive Choice

Adding a basement to a home almost always increases the property’s value. Whether the increased worth exceeds the cost that is paid for converting or building a basement depends on several criteria. These criteria factor in the use of the space, the type of finish, and the area’s real estate prices. In areas of higher property values, even a fairly costly basement project can be financially beneficial.

For example, Wiltshire builders who make conversions or who construct basements beneath an existing home state that the dig out offers a good return on investment. Given that the stamp duty is about £20,000 on a £500,000 property, a cellar conversion or even a dig out makes more budgetary sense than moving house. This is especially true if you factor in a solicitor’s fees, estate agent’s charges, and other moving costs.

Temperature Consistency

Not only that, but research carried out for the Basement Information Centre discovered that basements are 10% more energy efficient than homes built entirely above-ground. That is why wine, for example, is stored in a cellar; the below-ground area provides temperature consistency throughout the year.

In the case of new-build basements, reinforced concrete can be employed to supply thermal mass. This type of energy-efficient amenity regulates the indoor temperatures of buildings more efficiently. Thermal mass is further optimised when a basement is waterproofed and insulated.

The addition of a basement permits larger densities in population and reduces the need to construct extensions or buildings on greenfield land areas. Needless to say, if you wish to make an upgrade today, a conversion or dig out can be quite beneficial.


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