Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

Pests can cause devastating damage to your property if they are left unchecked. All kinds of pests are attracted by three things; dark environments, the presence of water, and food. If you continuously leave leftovers on the table or aren’t particularly clean, it won’t be long before your place is infested with different kinds of pests. Specific pest infestations, such as cockroaches, are easier to deal with than others. For instance, a termite infestation could lead to severe property damage, such as eating through the entire foundation of your property. Here are a few tips for controlling a pest infestation.

How to Keep Pests out of Your House

  • Make sure that you keep a neat and clean environment in the house. Avoid leaving leftovers on the dining table when you go to sleep at night and make sure you clean the house regularly.
  • You should call a local company that offers pest control in Essex for an inspection at least once in a year. It’s imperative that you have your property infested since most pests tend to live in damp, dark places that are not readily accessible.
  • Use regular pest products at least once a month in cabinets and places that aren’t regularly cleaned.

Calling an Exterminator

If the signs of a pest infestation are clear, you should call an exterminator right away. It’s highly recommended that you get it cleaned out as quickly as possible to avoid health-related issues and illnesses from spreading around your place.

How to Maintain Your Roof

Maintaining the roof of your house isn’t very difficult. Despite what most people think, it doesn’t require a lot of money, and you don’t need to put in a lot of effort either. All it requires of you is that you keep an eye on the development of cracks or damaged shingles on the roof. Conventional asphalt based roofs generally last anywhere between fifteen and twenty years if they are properly maintained. Here are some key pointers about roof maintenance that you should know.

Top Tips

  • Always check your roof every three to four months. A simple inspection is all that it takes to determine the extent of damage caused by environmental elements, especially after the rainy season or the summer.
  • You can always call local roofers in Renfrewshire to inspect your roof for you. It might cost a bit more money, but at least you will get a professional opinion.
  • Water leakages and large cracks are a major sign that immediate roof repairs need to be carried out. Water can cause extensive damage to the structure of a property, so action should be taken right away.

Roof Repairs

If your roof has been damaged over time, you should call a local roofer and get an estimate for the repair costs. The company will also check the guttering around the roof and give you a professional opinion about whether the guttering will hold up or not, or whether it’s time for you to replace it and get a modern variant.

Choose Bi Fold Doors for Great Appearance and Durability

It’s tempting to begin a discussion of bi fold doors by listing the benefits of choosing this style, this design. In fact, it’s the best way to show you just what you get and what you can enjoy with doors such as this in your home.

Obvious Benefits

It’s obvious, bi fold doors can:

  • Be a seamless link between indoor space and outdoor space
  • Provide security that you need for your home
  • Give you a choice of many colours to suit your tastes and home design
  • Be a cost-efficient choice

Contact a bi fold door company in Waltham Cross to discuss how your new doors can be installed with a weather-tight threshold or no threshold, depending on location and your requirements. Talk to a representative about the excellent security provided by high-quality bi fold doors with eight-point locking and durable, secure hinges. The specially designed linear bolts will stand up to a determined intruder and you’ll be protected against attempts at drilling, picking, and snapping.

Remarkable Appearance

Of course, the finest bi fold doors are deliver a great look in addition to durability and security. You can choose from a list of dozens of colours and woodgrain finishes, one of which is sure to suit your tastes and home design. Options range from earth tones through pastels and bright primary colours. Perhaps the best benefit of these outstanding doors is the price.

Visit the website of a quality provider today and then call to find out how bi fold doors will enhance the value and appearance of your property.

A Few Important Fencing Choices

If you are choosing fencing for your home or your business, you need to make sure you are choosing the type of fencing that is right for you. Most domestic customers like to use wooden fencing that is often closed board or sectional. Many commercial customers prefer palisade fencing. Each type of fencing has advantages that make them great choices for different scenarios.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is a type of fencing consisting of vertical bars, typically made of metal. They’re a popular Hinckley fencing option for the following reasons:

  • Palisade fences are very secure because they are very difficult to climb. Such fences have few horizontal elements that would make it easier to climb.
  • Palisade fences are often outfitted with security measures at the top to keep them secure.
  • The metal that makes up a palisade fence increases safety because it is more difficult to breach.

Wooden Fences

A wooden fence is often preferred by domestic customers. It is also very difficult to climb, but more importantly, they increase your privacy. Wood can be cut into wide boards that are very secure and very private. A closed board system is usually made of fencing pickets that alternate in front and behind a cross-bar. Such alternating will reduce the amount of wood needed, increase stability, and still provide privacy. A sectional fence has metal or gravel boards in intervals for stability.

Either type of fence is a great choice for a home that needs privacy and security. You can keep your family safe with a wooden fence, for they’re also very easy to repair.

The Checklist for Removals

Moving your home or flat is always going to be somewhat frustrating. There is no completely pain-free way to pack up everything you own and move it to another location. That’s always going to be somewhat annoying; however, you can avoid many of the worst frustrations if you plan ahead. The best way to plan ahead is with a checklist. You need to run down the different parts of your house and your moving plan to make sure you are properly prepared.

The Checklist

When you are moving, make sure you take these steps.

  • Schedule your move. Scheduling Hampshire removals makes it all the more likely that you will get the time you need. Planning ahead will make it much easier to work the move into your work and family schedule.
  • Box up as much as you can. If you are capable of boxing up your stuff, you should box up as much as you can, which will make the moving process go much faster.
  • Prepare your new space. You need to prepare your new space for the move.

The New Space

Many people forget to prepare their new space for moving when they are in the middle of a removal. You need to make sure you have the key to the new place. Also, it would be very helpful if you could unlock all of the doors in the house. You should also remove any doors from the hinges if they are very narrow doorways, which will make it much easier to move in furniture.

Joinery Services Enhance Custom Designs

Do you want to design a bespoke kitchen or wish to install a sturdy door? If so, working with a firm that offers joinery services will ensure a good outcome. In fact, a property’s appeal is automatically enhanced when it shows off the natural beauty of wood. Therefore, bespoke joinery is often included in refurbishment projects.

Joinery Services

If you have a space that is hard to configure or you want to display a distinctive cabinet, you need to secure the services of a joinery company. A joinery services company can help you create a décor that optimises your space and makes it functional.

For instance, the best joiners in Redhill can help you maximise your storage space. They can produce a shelf unit that separates a room or add a fold-down desk that does the same thing. In turn, your investment can pay off big down the road.

Initiating the Work

In order to initiate the process, you need to take the following steps:

  • Have the joiner review the area of the upgrade and tell him or her about your plans. He or she will be able to tell you if your idea is practicable as well as offer alternatives.
  • Show the joiner images of what you want in an upgrade. You may also work with a designer and obtain a 3D picture.
  • Discuss the building and integration of the upgrade. The joiner will take the measurements and draw up a plan.

Go online and review pictures of improvements where joinery was used. By taking this approach, you can see better how a joiner can help. It will also assist you in choosing an improvement that makes sense for your living space.

The Different Types Of Fireplaces That You Can Purchase

Making your home cosier and more welcoming is not going to require a large amount of effort. All you really need to do is to install a fireplace in the front room.

There are many different types of the fireplace that you can have installed. You may think that a certain fireplace is going to be more aesthetically pleasing. You may also want to have one type of fire over another one because of the fuel efficiency.

What are the different types of the fireplace that you are going to be able to buy?

Wood-Burning Fireplace

You can buy a wood-burning fireplace, providing that you are in an area where they are allowed. This is the most visually appealing fireplace because the flames are engaging. You can choose the fireplace to fit the overall theme of the room.

  • Once the wood-burning fireplace has been installed, it can be serviced by the professionals to make sure that everything is clean and efficient. You might find one online or at your friend’s house.

Gas-Powered Fireplace

You can use a gas-powered fireplace from Danton Fireplaces, which will give you a large amount of warmth. The gas fireplace is extremely reliable and your bills are going to be extremely manageable. You can choose any kind of design for the fireplace so that it will fit in with the general theme of the entire house.

  • These fireplaces are extremely common. You might see one that you like at your friend’s house or you might look for one online. Once the gas-powered fireplace has been installed, it can be inspected by a professional.

Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is extremely safe and it is one of the most common fireplaces. There is going to be less ambient heat than the gas fireplace.

  • These fireplaces are going to keep your entire family warm when you are sitting together in the living room. You can have an electric fireplace in every room in the house.

What The Fireplace Will Allow You To Do

There are many things that the fireplace will allow you to do once it has been installed by a professional firm.

Warming Up After Being Outside

You will be able to warm up by the fire after you have been outside in the cold. You will be able to feel the effects of the fire even when it is turned to a low setting.

Relaxing With Your Family

You are going to be able to relax properly with your family when you have turned the fire on. Whether you are watching the television or quietly reading, you are going to want to be warm when the weather outside is less than agreeable.

Trying To Get To Sleep

You might need a very warm room so that you are able to go to sleep properly. This will be possible when you have a fully-functioning fire in the room.


You can buy gas, electric or wood-burning fires to keep you warm at all times.

The Benefits of New Soffits and Fascia’s

When deciding on home improvements, especially to the external elevations and envelope of your property, most people are unable to take each individual component of a house into consideration.

For example, the word roof is a catch all term for everything above your vertical walls but of course the roof itself is made up of many different components, each playing their own role in keeping your home watertight and comfortable.

The roof soffit and fascia is one such component often overlooked during maintenance and renovation but today we’ll be giving it the attention it deserves.

What Are They?

Soffits and fascia’s make up a section of your property’s roof system which is known as the eaves. The eaves are responsible for not only providing that aesthetically pleasing overhang but are directly responsible for ensuring that rain water is able to clear the envelope of your property.

Soffit, derived from French, simply means “something fixed underneath”. If you walk outside and immediately look up and back at your property, you will see a board which forms a return from the edge of your roof which runs back to the property.

The fascia or fascia board is the piece of material that connects these two components together and sits directly exposed to the elements.

Why Are They Important?

As you can see, they’re quite a prominent feature of the exterior of your home and help to integrate each piece of its structure.

Due to their location and the type of material typically used in their construction, soffits and fasciae are required to stand up to a lot of abuse which can see them lose their colour over time.

As well as providing aesthetic appeal, they are also required to;

  • Provide a cover for your roof rafters so they aren’t exposed. Exposure can lead to excessive water ingress which will increase the likelihood of timber beams suffering from damp and wood rot.
  • Provide a platform for the fixture of rainwater goods such as guttering and downpipes. This allows water to be taken away from the roof without it running down the external walls of your house. Continually damp walls will usually result in water ingress as water finds its way through the external skin of brickwork and into your cavity wall.

The Benefits of a New Eave System

Like most of the structure of your roof, the eaves are considered to be a consumable item that should be refreshed when nearing the end of their useful lifespan.

Replacing these items sooner rather than later will result in a building that performs better. Newer soffits and fascia boards or also likely to;

  • Feature ventilation grills to allow fresh air to enter your roof space preventing damp
  • Be made from better performing materials that last longer like PVC

Any good glazing supplier or construction company should be able to assist you in their replacement. SRJ Windows is one of many companies operating in Scotland that has experience in maintaining and providing new windows, doors and eave systems.  Each company will be able to offer you different styles and colours so make sure that you shop around.

Give your home a new lease of life and improve its performance by replacing all of those tired and worn components that are past their best.

5 Stress Free House Moving Tips

Moving to a new house is considered to be one of life’s leading causes of stress and it is easy to see why when you consider all that is involved. It can be even more stressful when you are required to move out of necessity rather than want.

Whatever the case may be, there are a number of steps that you can take to make the move successful and almost stress free.

Tell Somebody

This aspect of the move can be tedious and time consuming. Other than your friends and family, it is important to notify your bank, employer and any utility companies you pay bills to. There are comprehensive lists available online because there are likely to be many more people that you are going to need to tell sooner or later.

Not doing so can have disastrous consequences for the organisation of your affairs and could even see you with a negative mark against your credit history if you’ve forgotten to pay a bill or three. Luckily, a quick web search will reveal that there is a company out there who will notify up to 1500 different organisations on your behalf for a fee.


Sadly, moving to a new property doesn’t just involve the relocation of people, especially if you’ve managed to amass a great deal of possessions. If you’re unable to relocate your belongings yourself, we suggest you obtain several quotes to ensure that you get the best deal. There are also a number of online comparison sites that can make the job easier.

If you’re in the East Anglia region of the UK, consider getting in touch with Arrowpak or one of the many other removals companies who will be able to assist. Using a removals company allows you to focus on the things that are slightly more important.

Does It Fit

It might sound obvious but you need to make sure that your existing furniture will fit inside your new home. And although you might consider it to be relatively straightforward, this task will require a little more than rough estimation.

At the very least, reach for that tape measure and take physical measurements of each large item of furniture. You then need to go and measure your new place for suitability.

Your estate agent might even be able to do this on your behalf and provide you with an accurate electronically drafted drawing of your new interior space, with furniture.

Bin Those Items you haven’t Seen in 5 years

It’s amazing what we’re able to amass over the years without even realising it. If you haven’t seen the inside of your loft in a while, it could probably be argued that everything in there is surplus to requirements. Rather than bring them to your new home for the sake of it, consider giving any unwanted belongings to charity.

Promptly Unpack

Once you’re in, make a promise to yourself that you will have unpacked everything that you brought with you within 3 days of the move. It’s better to get it over and done with sooner rather than later and will leave you to enjoy your new home in comfort.

Why Would You Need Double Glazing

The process of making glass or installing it is called glazing. Therefore, a window that has two panes of glass is a double-glazed window. There are many reasons why you might need double glazing. The window is more than just a window with two panes of glass; typically, there is a cushion of air between the two panes. In some cases, there is a vacuum between the panes. Whether it is air or a vacuum between the panes, the windows are typically mounted so that they are airtight. The airtight glass keeps air out.

Heat Transfer

Heat has to have some kind of physical medium to travel. Warm air bumps into cooler air and excites the molecules. That heats up the cooler air which then bumps into other cool air; in this way, heat is transferred. This transfer can happen through windows as well. An East Sussex double glazing expert can prevent that from happening by installing windows that do not transfer heat. Since the windows are airtight, they do not transfer heat.

Money Saved

You can save a good amount of money by installing double glazed windows, depending on how much money you are currently losing to energy transfer. In most cases, about 40% of the heat transferred in or out of your home moves through the windows. Therefore, a set of double glazed windows can save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling bills. They will not prevent all heat transfer through your windows or other parts of your home, but they will definitely help, as they’ll reduce the avenues through which heat can transfer.