Chopping Boards

Branded Chopping Boards For Businesses

Whether you are just starting out with your new restaurant or catering company, or are just looking to replace your business’s current kitchenware, it’s worth considering personalised, branded chopping boards. They are guaranteed to give your kitchen a more professional feel, and reinforce the brand and identity of your restaurant or catering business.

Readily available online, you can purchase chopping boards in a variety of materials and style, with your business’s logo engraved or printed on it. If you are starting a new business it is definitely worth investing in getting a good, easily recognisable logo designed, whether it’s created by yourself if you are particularly design-savvy, or if you hire as designer. This logo can then be used on both marketing materials and your business’s property to make it easy to identify, and to keep the branding consistent. Simple is often best, and when printed or engraved on items like chopping boards, is less likely to become indistinguishable through use.

The durability of your engraved chopping boards is also a consideration when looking to purchase them. Different companies offer different designs and different materials, and these factors will often contribute to the price of these chopping boards. Having your personal brand printed or engraved always costs extra, so it’s worth checking out a few companies for the best prices and quality.

The material used to make the chopping board can also significantly effect the price, with wood or slate for example costing more than basic plastic chopping boards. Whilst wooden chopping boards can be more aesthetically pleasing, if you are ordering a large number it may be worth considering the cheaper option of plastic, and the durability may be longer with plastic as well.

Chopping Boards

The method of personalising the chopping boards is also a consideration, as some methods will be more durable than others. As a piece of equipment that will doubtlessly become more worn with age (what with repeatedly being scored by knives), printed logos and branding information may rub off, whereas engraving will stay recognisable for far longer.

Your chopping board needs may also be determined by the type of restaurant or catering company you are setting up or running. A more traditional style restaurant for example may suit rustic-style, wooden chopping boards, whilst a more modern restaurant may be better with a sleeker and more sophisticated design.

It is also worth considering if you need colour-coded chopping boards to prevent cross-contamination between raw and fresh foods. If you requite several different colour of chopping boards, it will cost more, but makes it easier to avoid any health and safety issues. Whilst you may want your branded chopping boards to stick with the brand colours, restaurants and cafes often use red chopping boards for raw meat and green for vegetables, and it is worth considering doing the same.

Overall, chopping boards personalised for your business are a good idea, particularly if the food preparation area of your establishment is visible to customers. It creates a more professional appearance, and keeps your business’s branding and identity consistent.

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