Benefits of Freestanding Woodburning Stoves


Freestanding woodburning stoves are making a resurgence throughout the United Kingdom. During the 20th century, many homeowners and commercial organisations traded their woodburning stoves for other alternatives like the electrical heater or the gas-powered heater. However, if you are interested in buying a stove for your house, the woodburner is a fantastic option. It offers numerous advantages over its counterparts, making it a fantastic addition to your home. To give you a better idea, here are some of the major benefits that woodburning stoves offer.

Why Choose Them?

Lymington woodburning stoves have a maximum efficiency of up to 82%. Because cast iron is used in the manufacture of the stove, the heat is released very slowly, resulting in ambient heat across the room.

  • Wood logs are renewable, especially when sourced from a supplier who has his own woodlands.
  • These burners can also help heat up the water, and the VAT rate charged on these burners is also considerably lower.


As you can see, the many benefits offered by woodburning stoves have made them very popular among people who want a decent heater at an affordable price. The heater will be installed by the company’s technicians, so you will have to pay a small fee in addition to the costs of purchase for the installation of the stove. When buying a new woodburning stove, you should always check the warranty before buying. All in all, installing a woodburning stove is a fantastic idea for homeowners.