Basement Finishing Ideas on a Budget


Your basement offers the opportunity to greatly increase the space available in your home.  This can be particularly beneficial when you have a growing family and do not have either the income or the desire to relocate.  Unfortunately many people consider a variety of basement finishing ideas but never get past the planning stage as they feel the cost of creating a beautiful addition to their homes is simply too much.  It is certainly true that a basement finishing idea can cost as much as $35,000 to turn into a reality.  However, it does not have to be this expensive and it does not have to be completed in one go!  There is a variety of ways to make your basement finishing ideas a reality; even on a budget:

Professional Help

 Firms such as Basement Finishing Company will offer a complete basement renovation service; they will provide a fixed and guaranteed quote with no money upfront and even help to generate suitable finance.  An alternative to their usual dedication for completing a basement in just eighteen days is to ask them to do parts of the project.  This can help you to spread the cost and still keep your project moving at a reasonable pace.

Do It Yourself

You may not have the necessary skill set to complete your basement project yourself; however you can probably complete several parts of the project and save yourself some money along the way.  The important factor to consider when doing some of the work yourself is to be honest about which works you can complete to a good standard and which should be undertaken by a professional.  You can then calculate a budget for the professional part of the work and decide how long your basement finishing idea will take to turn into a reality.  You will then need to devise a plan and stick to it; this will ensure you do complete the project.

Alternative Finishes

There are also a range of options and basement finishing ideas which can create the look you were originally after without costing as much as the real thing.  For example; instead of spending out on expensive floors you can simply epoxy paint the concrete.  This is actually a current trend for many homes.  It will still look stunning although be a little cooler underfoot.  It also offers the benefit of being able to add hardwood flooring or carpets later on; helping to spread your budget further.

It is also possible to prepare the floor and any damp proofing and then erect a stud wall and only complete half of your basement renovation.  The rest can be tackled at a later date!  You can also look at including the features which are already in the basement and making them part of your basement finishing idea rather than needing to work around them or remove them.

Whatever your basement finishing idea is, you are guaranteed to be able to achieve it simply by thinking of a creative solution to each issue.  Imagination and innovation are the most powerful tools of all.