Artificial Grass-Altering Lifestyles


Believe in the YOLO! Ever heard of it? It’s an abbreviation for ‘You Only Live Once’. So, go on, instead of breaking your back even on weekends, enjoy your time in a lush green and perfect lawn on a bright sunny morning. Maintaining a real grass lawn takes a lot of effort, time and not to forget much of your precious time as well which you would rather want to spend with your loved ones or do that which you love the most. That is where the concept of Artificial Grass has won the toss. Apart from the recreational point of view, there is also an environmental angle that comes up when talking about fake grass and its positives.

Well, there are, however, upsides as well as downsides to almost everything. So is the case with both real and fake grass lawns. Are you absolutely tired of tending your dry lawn during an elongated summer month? Watering it day in day out so that it stays as green as possible? This is a perfect time, switch to installing Artificial Grass without further adieu.

Here is a comparative analysis between grass lawns and fake grass lawns based on a few variables.


The first thing as a service taker that will most definitely cross your mind is the total artificial installation cost involved in the installation and also post installation maintenance. Hey! It’s absolutely fair to think this over; after all, it is hard earned. The initial cost involved in installing an artificial turf may seem a tad bit more than that compared to real grass. Where does all the money go up in the installation of a synthetic turf you may think? Digging up the old traditional lawn, then laying of the fake grass turf over it etc does incur a cost. But, to come to think of it, have you considered the high continuous maintenance cost involved in real grass lawns? Artificial turfs last way longer and to top it up it involves zero ongoing maintenance cost.


To keep your front or backyard lawn eye-catching and healthy you need something beyond just the bare minimum care. It requires rigorous maintenance that involves cost, time and effort. At least, a traditional real grass lawn does. In dry summers it needs proper irrigation, once in a while mowing and otherwise, cyclic fertilization is a must. Artificial grass lawns are not so tedious to take care off. In recent times, people are installing fake grass even indoors that keep the house free from all the probable dirt tracks when you come in from outside. At the most, an artificial turf requires occasional broom sweep.


Telling which one is better from an environmental angle, artificial grass or natural grass is difficult. While natural grass cools, the synthetic grass turf has a tendency of raising the temperatures with an increase in the surrounding temperatures, particularly when the temperature goes beyond 90 degrees. However, on the flip side of it, the mechanisms like automated trimmers and mowers, used to tend the natural grass lawn has its contributions in polluting the air and also for noise pollution.

Thus, do consider the above before deciding on which type to go for making your lawn worth its while.