Are You as Safe and Secure as You Should Be


The best way to play it safe, both commercially and residentially, is to have an alarm system installed. This is an important consideration, as statistics reveal that in the UK, a burglary occurs every 40 seconds. About 56% of these crimes take place during the night-time hours. So, if you do not have your premises secured, you are at an increased risk for a burglary to take place.

A Customised Security Alarm System

One way in which you can prevent intrusion to your property is by installing an intruder alarm system. This type of security system can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. For instance, the alarm system can be set up to permit both full and partial settings. If you choose a full setting, your property will be fully alarmed when you are not there. A partial setting, on the other hand, provides cover on a lower floor during the night.

Make Security a Priority

When you contact security equipment installers in East Sussex then, a survey will be performed at your residence or business to determine what system should be installed to secure your property. Today, you can take advantage of technological innovations in the form of infra-red sensors. These sensors are used to detect either vibration or movement, and are therefore employed to activate an alarm. So, if you want to ensure the safety of your home or business, you need to make a security system installation a priority.

Some Other Important Security Features

When you have a system installed, you can also check on such security enhancements as 24-hour surveillance, including CCTV as well as door access. Fire alarm systems can also be installed if you so choose.

In some instances, a current alarm system may need to be reprogrammed. If you are selecting a new upgrade then, you may want to consider a wire-free system or a speech dialler for enhanced protection. Alarms can also be linked to a current landline so that text messages or voice alerts can be relayed to your mobile phone. Some of these additional amenities are well worth the price.