Are oil rich Middle Eastern countries heading towards renewable energy revolution?

energy revolution

When it comes to UAE’s oil reserves, the nation ranks seventh in the world according to certain estimates. They are not expected to run out of oil anytime soon. However, they are set to considerably reduce their dependence on crude during the next few years.

Several projects that work on alternative energy solutions are in pipeline

During January this year, the UAE and Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum declared that during the next three decades, the nation would invest $163 billion in developing alternative energy solutions.

According to the report published by CNN, by 2050, the UAE is set to develop 50 percent of its energy from clean solutions.

The government is funding multiple green house projects, including the development of certain sustainable cities that would have the capacity to go off-grid.

A project called The Sustainable City, developed by Diamond Developers is one such example that the world can look into. Its engineer and developer Faris Saeed interacted with journalists and said the five-million square foot complex is first of its kind complex that can go off-grid due to its ability to generate power with its solar panels.  The project is located around 18 miles from Dubai City and consists of 500 homes.

Jim Krane is one of the regional experts who have a considerable knowledge about this project. He pointed out that the community grows vegetables inside the complex’s greenhouses. Water is recycled at the site and it’s completely car-free. He also shared some interesting details about the structure and pointed out that the houses in this complex are designed to avoid direct sunlight in order to keep them cool. Plus, solar panels on the rooftops suck up the maximum amount of rays.  According to Krane, this is the best possible way to get the best out of Dubai’s 300 plus sunny days each year.

The site is also home to offices, retail space, and eateries located within a 161,000-square foot plaza.

This concept made it in the headlines back in 2013. Saeed pointed out that his company decided to invest and launch green projects as it made sense, especially, after 2009’s financial crisis that even Dubai had to face.

Similar projects around the world

While interacting with journalists, the developer did not hesitate to disclose that the idea behind this project is borrowed from similar ones from Japan.

He suggests that with the help of citizens, the governments from around the world can make commitments and go eco-friendly. Even installing solar panels for tiny houses can help in bringing that necessary change.

While citing Denmark’s Sonderborg as an example, Faris Saeed tagged their ProjectZero plan as something remarkable. He stressed on the point that the concerned area’s 76,000-strong population has reduced their emission by 35 percent. This was achieved because of people who selected greener choices like electric vehicles and installed solar panels wherever possible.

“It’s obvious that developers are afraid of purring extra cost on people as they may not buy expensive homes. However, one must keep profit aspect aside and create something that would make you feel proud in front of the whole world,” said Saeed.