A dream porch with homemade furnishings – tips


Design your dream porch with new objects or take old furniture removals from the old house and transform them into pieces of art. Yet the most important thing is to achieve the desired effect and to enjoy the result from a homemade furniture. Next are a few DIY tips and tricks, which can help you with the construction, the repair or maybe only as an idea of what to put in the porch. Take a look!

1 – A porch divider. Forget about the different floor coverings, curtains or other drapes. It`s only needed to have an old rack with open shelves or take the old one when moving in a new house. Don`t get rid of it, because it can easily turn into a beautiful porch divider with just a set of four castors. The tools required are quite a few too – only tools for screwing the castors to the bottom of the racks. Make sure to keep the symmetry via exact measurements and draw lines. Yet if you want to transform the old big rack into something much more than just a removal porch divider – you can hand sand and polish the wooden surfaces to enhance the wood texture.

2 – Space for storage of toolkits, appliances, coverings, etc. Draw the location and the size of the shelves, the boxes and the walls. Take into account the size of the overall storage space so it should become an unobtrusive part of the decoration of the porch. Build the storage rack by using only screws or glue and make it as simple as possible, because it`s easier for repairs too. Enhance the outlook via self-adhesive paper to the upper surfaces, which one will add beauty and personalization to the outlook, and two – the self-adhesive paper is an extra layer of protection when applied justly.

3 – A side table or a small cocktail table. It will definitely become a scenic highlight to the porch and you probably want to make it mobile too. According to the size of the table, find the best construction method. From the simplest and smallest round table with thin wooden legs to a large and strong table that can accommodate four or more persons at once – a beautiful new table can easily change into your own lovely corner on the porch.

4 – A basket full of flowers and plants. What better way to refresh the atmosphere on the porch, than placing a hanging decorative basket on the wall! Take a pick of the right size for the basket. It should be easier when it becomes one of these small removals, which can easily fit in small indoor spaces in the wintertime, as well as play a major role for the decoration of the porch in the summertime. Then, the second most important thing is the right selection of seeds. Plant the flowers and the seeds of the smaller plants between only two seeds of the large plant like a lemon tree.

6 – At last but not at least – make a large porch bench. A simple construction of four wooden legs and eight long rails for a structural support should make a great combination, especially for large sized benches that are heavier. Place the sitting board on top, as well as castors with stoppers on the bottom, so you don`t have to call movers and helpers for the heavy lifting when you want to adjust the bench for a better view.