6 Tips for Building a Functional and Spacious Garage Addition


Not enough storage or garage space is one of the most common complaints people have about the space they are living in. having enough space is an essential part of what makes people feel comfortable in their home and with their current status in life.

Adding onto the garage, then, can be the ideal home improvement project for a lot of people. However, there are some tips that everyone should use to make sure their addition is successful and practical. Here are six tips for building a functional and spacious garage addition anyone can use to improve their home.

Take steps for energy efficiency

One of the best improvements a person can make to their garage before adding on any space is to make it more energy efficient. This usually means adding insulation. This will allow people to find so many more uses for their garage space that can help them revamp the area. Home owners can compare energy rates to see what changes they can make to their garage.

Evaluate the home and property lot

The next step is to plan out how the addition will be made. Most people will have to go back and review their property’s guidelines and check with the city to see what changes they are allowed to make. Some home owners will also need to check with their home owner’s association to make sure they are given the OK before they start building.

Consider the investment and its return

In addition to checking with the city and other restrictions that may apply, everyone should also consider the best ways to make sure this investment will really benefit the home and the family. This could mean adding an additional bedroom above the garage or simply making more space for another car. Find the best option that fits everyone’s needs.

Simply make more space

It is easy to overthink any home improvement project and get wrapped up in planning too much. In many cases, the best option is to just add more space. This could simply mean cleaning out and rearranging the garage, or adding a simple bump-out addition to improve storage. These are some of the simplest improvements and they can make a huge difference in the overall use of the garage space.

Communicate the vision to hired help right away

Depending on the project, most people will have to hire additional help to finish the task. It is extremely important that everyone understands the end goal before they start working. That way, home owners can let everyone work and see their garage addition finished faster to their liking.

Find a unique place to add space

Even after a person plans out the changes they want to make to their garage, it is common for people to feel that the change is not substantial enough. In these cases, home owners will need to be more creative about where they add space. Above-the-garage additions are especially popular in these cases.