5 Ways Glass Can Add Character to your Home


Glass is a material we very much take for granted, and when you take the time to look around, glass is used in many ways. Aside from providing a transparent surface on a building’s exterior, as with windows and doors, glass can be used to enhance any property, both inside and out, and if you like the smooth, classic look of glass, here are just a few ways to add style to your dwelling.

  1. Exterior Screening – Glass pool fencing is without a doubt the best material, as you really do want maximum visibility around deep water, and with toughened safety glass and rounded edges, glass ticks all the boxes for pool fencing, and with matching gating, you have the perfect screening. Glass is also very attractive in a terrace or balcony environment, and with bespoke creations, any setting can be serviced.
  2. Glass Shower Screens – Perhaps the most striking way to use glass in the bathroom, a custom built glass shower screen gives you a stylish and functional solution, and with customised units made with toughened safety glass, and frameless designs, you really can let your imagination work. Corner sliding units are ideal for the small bathroom, and with a range of opaque designs and quality fittings, your bathroom can take on a whole new look.
  3. Glass Balustrades – The ultimate in elegance, a frameless glass balustrade that is tailored to fit the staircase will be the focal point of the home, and with a range of glass colours and finishes, you can create something unique to your home. There are specialist glaziers who can create a unique design in glass, and with frameless solutions, it perfectly complements the contemporary look. If a homeowner was looking for glass cut to size in Perth, there is a well-established supplier who can work to the client’s specifications.
  4. Kitchen Splashbacks – Glass is the ideal material for kitchen splashbacks, as it is easy to keep clean and is also heat resistant. Colours and tints definitely add some depth to the room, and with carefully bevelled edges, the smooth look is guaranteed. Glass is really a fix and forget material, and with the variations available today, you are not limited in choices.
  5. Glass Table Tops – The perfect solution for a modern setting, and paired with stainless steel, you have the perfect combination. Typically, the table top would be made to the client’s precise specifications, and with shapes such as, round, oval and rectangular, any space can be accommodated. Toughened safety glass comes in 6-10mm thicknesses, depending on the customer’s preference, and with the right base, a glass table top is a timeless addition to the family home.

Glass has a lot going for it, especially in the home décor stakes, and with online suppliers who can create just about anything, your creativity is the only thing that limits you. These customised creations are not as expensive as you might think, and with an online search, you will soon discover just how affordable glass can be when used to improve the living space.