5 Stress Free House Moving Tips

Young woman packing up boxes in an apartment

Moving to a new house is considered to be one of life’s leading causes of stress and it is easy to see why when you consider all that is involved. It can be even more stressful when you are required to move out of necessity rather than want.

Whatever the case may be, there are a number of steps that you can take to make the move successful and almost stress free.

Tell Somebody

This aspect of the move can be tedious and time consuming. Other than your friends and family, it is important to notify your bank, employer and any utility companies you pay bills to. There are comprehensive lists available online because there are likely to be many more people that you are going to need to tell sooner or later.

Not doing so can have disastrous consequences for the organisation of your affairs and could even see you with a negative mark against your credit history if you’ve forgotten to pay a bill or three. Luckily, a quick web search will reveal that there is a company out there who will notify up to 1500 different organisations on your behalf for a fee.


Sadly, moving to a new property doesn’t just involve the relocation of people, especially if you’ve managed to amass a great deal of possessions. If you’re unable to relocate your belongings yourself, we suggest you obtain several quotes to ensure that you get the best deal. There are also a number of online comparison sites that can make the job easier.

If you’re in the East Anglia region of the UK, consider getting in touch with Arrowpak or one of the many other removals companies who will be able to assist. Using a removals company allows you to focus on the things that are slightly more important.

Does It Fit

It might sound obvious but you need to make sure that your existing furniture will fit inside your new home. And although you might consider it to be relatively straightforward, this task will require a little more than rough estimation.

At the very least, reach for that tape measure and take physical measurements of each large item of furniture. You then need to go and measure your new place for suitability.

Your estate agent might even be able to do this on your behalf and provide you with an accurate electronically drafted drawing of your new interior space, with furniture.

Bin Those Items you haven’t Seen in 5 years

It’s amazing what we’re able to amass over the years without even realising it. If you haven’t seen the inside of your loft in a while, it could probably be argued that everything in there is surplus to requirements. Rather than bring them to your new home for the sake of it, consider giving any unwanted belongings to charity.

Promptly Unpack

Once you’re in, make a promise to yourself that you will have unpacked everything that you brought with you within 3 days of the move. It’s better to get it over and done with sooner rather than later and will leave you to enjoy your new home in comfort.