5 products offered by Melbourne City locksmiths


Whether you are in construction or are looking to renovate you house or business you will need to have good locks. When it comes to lock products and locksmith can be handy. You need to look for Melbourne city locksmiths that have a variety of products. This will provide you with the opportunity to choose the best locks. Depending on your need you be surprised at how much they may have. It is important to find a locksmith that offers both supply and fitting services. The follow are some products that they offer:

  1. Lockwood dead latches supplied and fitted

This is a lock that can be turned and in some variation have a keyhole on the knob. There are single and double cylinder Lockwood dead latches. It comes in different variation i.e. e +1xD/bolt, +2 x d/bold and +3XD/bolt. These are mainly used to lock the doors from inside and are used in homes. The locksmiths offer satin chrome frame and timer frame only. It is also unique as it has unique safety release that automatically unlocks the internal knob upon entry.  It is made of cut resistant stainless steel bolt hence has improved security.

  1. Dead bolts supplied and fitted

These are locks that are used for securing doors are home or the office. There are single and double cylinder locks. The choice of the kind of deadbolt is entirely up to you. They also come in other verities and are affordable considering there durable and secure for your doors. The locksmiths death bolts come in different size i.e. +1xD/bolt, +2 x d/bold and +3XD/bolt.

  1. Lockwood patio bolts supplied and fitted

This is a strong heavy duty surface mounted product designed to secure both residential sliding and hinge door application. It is offer by many Locksmiths in different variations. It is preferred because it is easy to install and is offered in gold, chrome plated and satin chrome pearl. It is strong because it is made of steel.

  1. Security door lock supplied and fitted

This lock is often use for main residential doors. It has a handle that makes it easy to open even when your hands are full. The locksmiths sometimes supplies and excludes triple lock types. They also come in stylist variations. Some of its advantages include safety release which automatically released the lock inside to minimize the risk of being locked in.

  1. Digital lock sets carbine

This lock is suited for internal doors. It has a number of variations like satin chrome plated and button that can be easily seen and used. They are suitable for 35mm -65mm doors.  The locksmiths will also offer installation instruction manuals. It is easy to install and use. It is usually very secure as the codes are the key that are used to open the door. Therefore you will not worry about keys.


These are just some of the products that are available in Melbourne City Locksmiths. The good thing is that they also offer other lock services that are important.