3 Ways to Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaning


Ground in dirt and stains on carpet can be difficult to remove with only a vacuum cleaner. Although you may have a home steam cleaner, sometimes they do not remove all of the ground in dirt and your carpet will still look dirty and dingy after using it. If you plan to have your carpet professionally cleaned, you can prepare for them by doing these three things.


Before Swindon carpet cleaners arrive, homeowners can help them, and maybe earn a discount, by vacuuming the carpet so all they need to do is start cleaning it. Also, it helps to dust the baseboards and clean dust and dirt from air vents before the arrive. By doing some pre-cleaning, there will be less dust blown around, which will just land back on your clean carpet.

Remove Small Items

To keep things from accidentally being broken, you should remove fragile items and small items from rooms where the carpets are being cleaned. Floor lamps, side tables, waste baskets, and other small pieces of furniture should be removed and placed elsewhere until after the cleaners leave. In addition, move any larger furniture if possible so the cleaners’ time is used more efficiently and they don’t have to move the furniture themselves.

Leave Parking Room

If necessary, you should move your vehicle so the carpet cleaners’ van has room to park near your home. Many cleaners use systems requiring their vans to be close to the house so their equipment can reach into the rooms where they are cleaning the carpets. If necessary, park on the street until after the cleaners leave.

Some carpet cleaning companies will give clients discounts for preparing their carpets for cleaning. By vacuuming or moving furniture, it saves the cleaners’ time and they can quickly move on to other customers and make more money.